PDM Investment Services is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor

  • Your interest come before my personal interest
  • We invest our personal money in our strategy along with our clients
  • Model portfolio performance is reported and verified annually by an independent party
  • No commission products, loaded mutual funds, annuities, complex life insurance products, non-traded REITS or high fee hedge funds
  • Our goal is to maximize the size of your investment portfolios to meet your retirement income needs and not run out of money before the end of your plan

Philip Michalek President, Investment Advisor Representative

5131 Standish Drive, Troy Michigan 48085


www.fginvestor.com, info@fginvestor.com

Business Summary


Financial Advice

  • Help you establish your financial goals and risk level, analyze your investment ideas, select investment strategies and evaluate 401(k) plans
  • Analyze your current investment accounts for performance, fees and fit
  • Help define the type of accounts you should use (Trust, Joint, IRA, Roth …)
  • General guidance on taxes and estate planning
  • Behavioral coach to guide you through market corrections and bubbles
  • Guide you with your transition into retirement with income planning, tax management, social security optimization, portfolio risk level in retirement and your required minimum distribution strategy


Administrative Services

  • Open new accounts and perform account transfers
  • Setup account links, process money moves and required minimum distributions
  • Perform check requests
  • Process 401(k) rollovers


Financial Planning

  • Financial plans monitor your investment and total net worth
  • Make projections of investment net worth from the start of retirement, during retirement and at the end of your plan
  • Monitor the probability of success of not running out of money before your plan ends
  • Key elements of a plan include spending, income, investments, annual contributions, debt, net worth and your risk level before and during retirement

A financial plan is a written long-term plan to guide you to meet your retirement goals and maintain income in retirement. A plan provides peace of mind to your family, defines your goals, monitors progress and drives adjustments. Plans make you less likely to overreact to market volatility and increase one’s confidence and effectiveness in managing income, spending, saving, investing and debt.

  • Basic Financial Plan for the accumulation phase
  • Advanced Money Guide Pro Plan for the retirement phase

Basic Financial Plan Example


Portfolio Design and Management

  • We help you select your risk level and investment strategy
  • Design your portfolios, select investments and implement portfolios
  • Implement cash inflows and make sales and rebalance after cash outflows
  • Monitor your portfolios, rebalance and make changes to investments as needed
  • Perform tax-loss harvesting on taxable accounts

Our strategy is a Diversified Mutual Fund & Sector Portfolio. We use Tactical Equity Allocation to help reduce portfolio risk when market risk is high and increase portfolio risk when market risk is low. Our portfolios are designed using Strategic Adaptive Asset Class & Sector Allocation, Active Mutual Funds and Individual Stocks.

The goal for our portfolios is to outperform their benchmark after all fees over the long term. We focus on low management fees and investments that outperform their benchmarks. Performance is measured over one, three, five, and ten-year periods.

Focused Growth Investor Newsletter is our investment strategy

Focused Growth Investor Newsletter

Portfolio Performance Analysis Example

Independent Performance Verification Report



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Investment Advisor Partners

In 2022 when we stop taking new clients I will add a list of links of investment advisor partners below. These are firms I interviewed. The firms are suggestions to use when our firm stops taking new clients and during our succession retirement plan.



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