Financial Plan Goals

  • Maximize your Investment Portfolio for Retirement to Meet your Retirement Income Needs.
  • Generate Enough Retirement Income from your Investment Portfolio to Meet your Spending Needs and not Run out of Money.

A good retirement process and plan will give you the freedom
to travel to great places. Aspen Colorado, Maroon Bells.

The Most Important Things for Most People, In a Financial Advisor

Financial Plan Development and Support
Create and monitor a financial plan to guide you through the accumulation and distribution phases of your life. We offer a basic financial plan for the accumulation phase and a Money Guide Pro plan for the distribution phase.

Basic Financial Plan Example

Financial Investment Advice
Seek out good financial advice to keep you on track and educated on financial planning, investments, strategy, performance analysis and act as a behavior coach during times of market volatility

Key Contributions to Financial Success 401(k) Review Check Sheet

Portfolio Design and Management, Portfolio Performance Analysis
Select a financial advisor with low fees and a strategy with strong performance. Positive After Fee Alpha (AFA) is Important. (Performance after fees to benchmark) Example: 6.0% Portfolio performance – 0.7% Fee – 5.0% Benchmark = +0.3% AFA.

Focused Growth Investor Newsletter Portfolio Performance Analysis Example

A portfolio performing above its benchmark with lower investment advisor fees will produce a significantly larger retirement portfolio over 30 years compared to a poor performing portfolio with higher advisor fees. A 1.0% difference in After Fee Alpha is significant over 30 years when expected returns for a moderate risk portfolio are around 6.0%. When comparing advisors consider portfolio management and the added value of a financial plan and financial investment advice.

The Focused Growth Investor is our newsletter that covers our investment strategy. It is an outlook on the stock market, asset classes and mutual funds. Our goal is to be in the market at the right time, select the best sectors and asset allocation for the market conditions, then select the best mutual funds in each asset class. The newsletter also provides investor education.

The Portfolio Performance Analysis Report is sent each quarter. The report contains market analysis, portfolio performance & analysis, investments, asset allocation, cash movements and management fees.

Base Advisor Assumptions
Select an experienced Registered Investment Advisor (Fiduciary) with no disciplinary actions, fee-only structure, financial planning and portfolio design and portfolio management. Good communication skills, service, transparency, integrity and low-cost structure are also important.

PDM Investment Services

We are a Registered Investment Advisor that put clients’ interests before our own. We are an independent advisor that personally invests in our strategy along with our clients. Our model portfolio performance is reported and verified annually by an independent party.

No commission products, no loaded mutual funds, no annuities, no complex life insurance products, no non-traded REITS and no high fee hedge funds.

PDM Investment Services Brochure PDM Investment Services Business Summary Independent Performance Verification Report


Our ADV2 and CRS Form are updated every January and posted on our website and on the SEC website. Clients should always review their Investment Advisor and Firm Public Disclosure on the SEC website.

ADV2 SEC Filing Client Relationship Summary CRS Form Advisor Agreement Example Disclosure, Privacy Policy and Fee Schedule

Investment Advisor Public Disclosure



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